Cancellation of the 2017 Top-Event-Horse-Auction

The Top-Events GmbH announces that this year’s Top-Event-Horse-Auction that was due to take place in November has been cancelled.

Elmar Lesch and Iris Schless have ended their business relationship.

Iris Schless has set up her own company “Be Fair Equestrian Services - Iris Schless”
In future she will be offering the following services:
· Sourcing and marketing horses
· Organising training camps
· Arranging rider exchanges abroad
· Arranging rider exchanges for foreign riders in Germany
· Show judge for Dressage/Show Jumping/Eventing up to Novice level
· FEI Steward for Eventing
· Sales and hire of high quality agricultural machinery for equine training and breeding facilities.

In Spring 2018, at the latest, Elmar Lesch will be offering top quality collections at equine sales events at his yard in Bavendorf. Elmar Lesch would like breeders and owners of multitalented horses with strong blood lines to know they are still welcome to present their horses to him or offer them for sale and the sourcing of suitable event horses for all age groups and performance levels will of course continue.

Kontakt Iris Schless:
Mobil: 0171 - 260 51 53
E-Mail: contact@befair-schless.de
Facebook: Be Fair Equestrian Services-Iris Schless
Internet: www.befair-schless.de

Kontakt Elmar Lesch:
Mobil: 0171 - 450 86 73
Festnetz: 05859 - 401
E-Mail: info@elmar-lesch.de
Facebook: Elmar Lesch Sportpferde GmbH
Internet: Elmar-Lesch-Sportpferde-GmbH


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